Ave says…

On July 3, 2008, Ave & I met at a Queer Justice League meeting at The LGBT Community Center in New York. The discussion topic was Is queer the new gay? And we clicked right away. One reason was that we were two of the very few newcomers in the group. But also because, well, we’re pretty awesome and fun.

At that time I was doing an internship at the New York State Division of Human Rights and living in Harlem (where I got mugged, ha!) She was doing an internship at a TV channel -or something just as cool- and living in NYU dorms (which was a lot safer and cooler than my situation).

Together we have shared a pool party (where, again, we were newbies), sung Build me up buttercup at Pieces karaoke night (off-stage, of course), and seen Bash’d, a gay rap opera about homophobic hate crimes in Alberta performed by a Canadian troupe. We have also shared cheap post-theater pizza and Chinese food from Sammy’s Noodle Shop, gone shopping for leather and faux leather jackets, marched down 5th Avenue for NYC Pride, and danced to Queen’s Don’t stop me now until we dropped at The Stonewall Inn and Splash. And we saw Billy Elliot. And she gave me a lovely present: Perry Moore’s Hero, the first novel I’ve picked up in a long time (and which I highly recommend). And her grandmother is Tim Gunn‘s neighbor. Coolness.

I love her and this is what she has to say about this blog :)

I love and miss New York, and this blog is very much a love letter to that wonderful city. Even when the posts Enrique writes aren’t directly related to the Big Apple, they often touch on subjects whose roots are firmly based in New York: LGBT issues, civil rights, politics… Even fashion and art and culture all have a place in this blog. Interesting and insightful commentary on issues that I really care about, often with a NYC twist. Knowing that it is written by my dear friend Enrique is really the icing on the cake!
Avery Finch / Pure Awesomeness / Knoxville


2 Comments on “Ave says…”

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