Rien says…

I met Rien last June at The Audre Lorde Project‘s Daring to be powerful! weekend training at The Brecht Forum. He is the best workshop facilitator I have come across with. Plus he’s hot as hell, super smart, and can guarantee lots of fun.
Rien is also a fan of this blog, and here’s what he has to say about it.

Ever had a crush on someone, longed to know more, and dreamt about them when you were alone with your own thoughts? Well, imagine if that crush was for a place and not a person. When you read TUCCN you’ll come to appreciate what it means to really crush. Lose yourself in musings about the great city and issues its diverse people confront. Remember what it’s like to fall over again.
Rien Murray / Community organizer / New York

Rien circa 1984


One Comment on “Rien says…”

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