“I do,” said New York

In the past five years New York has been a place of much growth for me. Not just Nuevallorrrr (as New York City is known around here), but New York State: I spent a summer working upstate and started to come out right there, between mountains. No cell phone reception and everything. Then I interned at a state government agency and saw Albany (the capital) and a couple of other places.

New York is where I first fell in love (or something of that sort). It’s where I learned there was such a thing as an LGBT community center, attended my first political rally and gay pride march. Where I started to discover and passionately go after my goals.

New York is where I’ve seen some of my most admired artists, met some of my most respected leaders, made some of my best friends, danced at some of my highest-assessed parties, taken some of my favorite photographs, and had some of my favorite food.

New York is where I became bold enough to come up and talk to anyone, to knock on whichever door I want to open, to try anything and know I can actually do it. New York is also where I learned you should not lobby a member of the senate without removing your eyebrow piercing.

That is why it makes me oh-so-happy that, since yesterday, New York has recognized lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people as first-class citizens, becoming the sixth and largest state in the U.S. to legalize same-sex marriage. I wouldn’t say New York is where it all began (not sure that we can say that about any place), but it is definitely the place where a large chunk of rights for LGBTs began to be fought for. So, for this to happen is only fair and right.

New York has again said yes to equality and no to discrimination. New York finally put its foot down and said “I do“. And this post is me joining the celebration. :)

2 Comments on ““I do,” said New York”

  1. […] les impida creerlo, tanto o más diversa, emocionante, atractiva, divertida, fascinante* que Nuevallorrrr (o cualquier otra “ciudad de primer mundo” que les guste). […]

  2. Papusa says:

    Gracias por dejarme saber que NY finally did it. Love you

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