LGBT en Español: transphobia in El Universal; Código Diverso

Here’s my most recent collaboration with GLAAD’s LGBT en Español. Read their full blog post here.

LGBT in Mexico (from Mexico City contributor Enrique Torre Molina)

Leading Mexican daily newspaper El Universal published a video report about singers who sported androgynous looks, such as Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. The reporter, Fabiana Arellano, used expressions such as “dubious sexuality” and “chimera,” a term from Greek mythology that in Mexico is derogatorily used to refer to a transgender person. She also suggested that several of the artists were deceiving their fans and not expressing their “true” identity or orientation.

In Mexico City, the Office of Cultural Affair’s radio station has broadcasted for over three years a weekly show called Código Diverso, entirely about LGBT issues with political, social, art, cultural, and media-related content. It is presented in a very informed and positive way – almost always in the voice of advocates who are interviewed by the host, Gabriel Gutiérrez. The podcast can be found here.